The Torrent System >

A Powder Coating Revolution.

Torrent is a revolutionary, patented powder coating system that offers impressive automated capabilities in a modest footprint. Torrent is smaller and less costly than tradition powder coating systems, and yet offers greater capacity and flexibility.

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The Torrent powder coating system packs tremendous automated powder coating capabilities in a small footprint.
Compare size of Torrent Powder Coat System to monorail system

The Footprint >

Half the Floor Space. Half the Cost.

Torrent’s programmable timing and rotating carousel cut floor space requirements nearly in half versus similar conventional monorail powder coat systems. Our Maxi System can handle parts that fit into a 7' high, 9'6" diameter cylinder within a 5,000 sq. ft. area. The smaller system also requires less material and labor for installation, saving 40% to as much as 50% versus a conventional powder coat installation.

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Powder coat pre-treatment

Pretreatment >

Programmable for Better Pretreatment.

While a linear monorail system moves parts through all stages at a set rate, with a Torrent powder coating system you can customize each stage to ensure thorough cleaning, rinsing and draining regardless of part complexity and size.

Torrent bathes parts with multiple spray heads from all sides while rotating on the carousel, ensuring better coverage, better impingement and ultimately, a better quality coating.

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Recycling powder coat pretreatment fluids

Pretreatment >

Recycling Fluids Without Contamination.

Within the pretreatment module may be configured up to a seven stage process.  Each stage utilize a separate pump, header and riser.  An indexing floor drain recycles fluids to the correct tank, eliminating cross-contamination and greatly reduces the material usage cost.

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heavy duty oversized powder coating capabilities

Carousel >

Versatile and Heavy Duty.

No need for expensive outsourcing to large dip-tank facilities. Torrent’s heavy-duty track and hangers are capable of handling up to 4,000 pounds per carousel. Heavy parts that would traditionally require manual pretreatment can receive the full benefits of up to seven stage automated process before powder coating.

The versatile hanger can handle everything from single, oversized pieces to dozens of smaller parts. Replaceable, easy to clean grounding clips maintain a good contact for better powder coverage.

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Powder Booth >

Better Coverage and Less Waste.

The rotating carousel in combination with six air directing injection points provide better powder coat coverage. The booth can be configured with replaceable color modules to recycle powder or shoot to waste.

  • Automatic powder coat application, manual application or a combination
  • Can utilize any powder coating guns you or your powder manufacturer require
  • Powder coating may be applied for up to 8 minutes vs 60 or 90 seconds with conventional monorail
  • Cartridge/HEPA collection

Energy & Chemical Use >

Better for the Environment, and Your Bottom Line.

Thanks to programmable timing cycles, a dramatically smaller cure oven can be utilized requiring much less energy. With custom timed pretreatment cycles, no heated fluids are wasted. From beginning to end, the Torrent powder coating system is engineered to save on materials, energy and cost.